An image of a white Xbox Series X controller has been posted online and it certainly looks like an Xbox Series X controller that is painted white. Oh boy, news writing is weird isn’t it. 

Well, Reddit user Wolfy_Wizard revealed the image of the white Xbox Series X controller on the official Xbox One subreddit. I feel like I don’t need to repeat this but it looks like the standard controller we’ve seen for Microsoft’s upcoming next-gen console but in white. Exciting?

White Xbox Series X controller

Xbox is no stranger to creating other forms of controllers for their Xbox consoles, especially this generation. With the success of Xbox Design Lab custom controllers and special edition controllers, it makes sense the the company would make a white Xbox Series X controller. There’s definitely going to be other colours in the future as well!

Other speculatory factors to explain this new colour of controller could be the unannounced Xbox Series S, a lower powered next-gen console that is expected to be housed within a white shell. Much like the Xbox One S!