Whisper.sh app adds private messaging, account creation and search


4, 2014

Whisper is a social networking service where users anonymously share secrets and have conversations using images. Real names are not used and display names are downplayed unlike most social networking services. This allows you to connect with likeminded individuals, and discover the unseen world around you. With Whisper, you’re free to anonymously share your thoughts with the world, and build lasting, meaningful relationships in a community built around trust and honesty.

The latest version of Whisper.sh now fully supports all of the major features of the Whisper social networking service including the ability to

  • sign up for the service with a new account
  • create new whispers and see what people have to say about your anonymous thoughts
  • view whispers posted near your current location
  • search for whispers by topic and location
  • view tags related to a whisper
  • flag inappropriate whispers and hide them from your view
  • delete whispers you’ve posted if you change your mind about them



Where Can I Get It?

Download it now from the marketplace.

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