While Android owners pay to fix their phones, Windows Phone users have all the fun


25, 2010


Distimo have published some research on the Windows Phone 7 marketplace, and revealed an interesting picture.

The application store, which has swollen to close to 3000 apps, is much more consumer focussed than the old Windows Mobile marketplace, which is still hovering, according to Distomo, at around 1350 apps, a year after it debuted.

Applications are also a lot cheaper in the Windows phone 7 marketplace,  on average around $1.95, vs $6.27 in the Windows Mobile marketplace.

Its the make-up of the app store which is however most interesting.  It appears the top 10 applications are all games.  Compared to the Adroid Market, where the top 10 apps by and large consist of ROM managers, WIFI toggles, alternate keyboards, overclocking tools and back-up software, all to deal with the instability and lag of the platform, it seems Windows Phone 7 users have a lot more fun, and spend a lot more time enjoying their devices.

Read the full report, which include many more interesting titbits, at Distimo here.

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