Where the [email protected]%k are Windows Phone 7 devices?


It is days like this that make me wonder if Microsoft really wants Windows Phone 7 to succeed? I say this with a heavy heart Because I love the new OS and Microsoft products. If I were a developer on the WP7 team, I would fuming right now after reading this article from Neowin and widespread anecdotal evidence about the lack, not only of devices from carrier stores but their cluelessness about when they would get them in stock, or any kind of knowledge about what the new OS is all about. From Neowin

Despite the hoopla and launch events, readers have contacted Neowin expressing frustration and anger at the lack of available devices. One reader said a T-Mobile store in Cambridge, UK quoted next week for devices, another based in Belgium has had their pre-order for a HTC 7 Trophy delayed by two weeks

Somehow, Microsoft can make this devices available to tech pundits, most of whom dislike MS for review, but sadly ignore their loyal paying customers who have been waiting for months. At this point, I don’t care if it is the OEM’s or carriers fault. Microsoft should have made sure that there would be enough devices to go around on launch day around the world. Maybe that is why we haven’t seen any ad campaigns because they don’t want people asking for devices that are not available yet. This is such waste of the goodwill and pent up demand from their most ardent followers who will be crucial in spreading the word out about the OS more effectively than the tech blogs. Someone from Microsoft needs to officially come  out and be honest with their customers as to why finding WP7 devices seems to be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

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