Where Is My Car? adds cloud-free sharing


15, 2014

Starting with version that just hit the store, the popular augmented reality car finding app Where Is My Car? enables you to share the location of your parked car including the parking time, notes etc. completely cloud-less so you don’t need any accounts etc. All you have to do is to share a carat (read “car at”) URI (e.g. carat:40.75777,-73.98570?u=3&t=2014-09-13T15%3a01%3a12-04%3a00&e=2014-09-13T16%3a01%3a12-04%3a00&r=-PT10M&n=At+Times+Square) via email, text message, NFC, social network etc. which is done with a simple button press.

When the recipient clicks on such an URI, Where Is My Car? comes up and offers to import the information. If you are reading this on your Windows Phone 8 or 8.1 device, you may instantly try this out with the URI above. The URIs seems to be a bit lengthy but it usually fits in a single text message if your description is not too long.

If you don’t need to share all information, you may also use the much shorter geo URIs (e.g. geo:40.75777,-73.98570) which is also great to interoperate with other Apps, or plain Bing Maps or Google Maps URLs to be viewed in a browser.

Where Is My Car? is available in the store for just US$ 0.99. A free trial is avaibale, too.


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