Where is Messenger for Windows Phone 7?


17, 2010

Author Surur // in News


I may be embarrassing myself here as some-one who does not really have his pulse on Windows Phone 7, but as far as I can recall, and a quick search did not reveal ever, we have yet to see a Windows Live Messenger for Windows Phone 7.

What prompted this post was the news that the latest beta of Microsoft Live Essentials 2011 now includes working Facebook chat, making the largest IM network in the world interface even better with the largest social network in the world.

Windows Live Messenger, while not very popular in USA, has 330 million active users and is extremely popular in Europe and Asia. Its recent iterations have included many innovations, include easy picture and video sharing, which would also translate very well to a mobile platform, and the software’s presence would certainly be missed, especially since the software is already available on the iPhone and expected to come to Android sooner rather than later.

Worryingly the KIN also shipped without an IM client, a piece of software often frowned on by carriers as it reduced the need for SMS messages.

Have I missed all the demos’ of Messenger app for the last 6 months, or stumbled over a major gap in Windows Phone 7? Let us know below.

See the new desktop Windows Live Messenger with Facebook Messaging demonstrated after the break.

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