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Want to know where to find game day specials? ?The newest house on the market? The hottest party of the night? Are you missing yet another sale even though it’s right around the corner?

Time is precious and efficiency is key in our daily life so who wants to spend a lot of time searching for the answers. No application in the marketplace can provide you with real-time, crowd-sourced information about everything in one place, until now.

Exclusive to Windows Phone, Dream Team introduces whatsNOW application

whatsNOW is a crowd-sourced experience of day-to-day life with real-time updates. whatsNOW allows users to find, submit or comment about events happening over 24 hours. Receive notifications about all events or filter for events and specials tailored to your lifestyle.

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To use the app, sign up or use any of your Google, Facebook or Microsoft accounts. Just open the app and all the nearby people and events in whatsNOW will be shown on the map.

Map ViewDistance FIlter

To find events in a certain category we’ve added a filter which will only show events within that category on the map. To apply, open the Filter page and tap any category to switch it on or off. If two or more events are very close to each other, you’ll see a number instead of the icon on the map. Keep zooming in to see all events. You can also filter events by distance.




It’s simple to add your own events.  Just tap the Add button, choose the category, name it, describe it, add your comments and a photo, then  tap whatsNOW to add.

It’s also easy to look through existing events. From the map view, tap the icon on the map and information with comments will open. To use the list view, access the Nearby screen and tap the event name. Specials or discounts from retailers also appear in both map and list view.

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Main features of whatsNOW application:Download whatsNOW application from Windows Phone Store

  • Real-time, crowd-sourced events
  • Map view
  • Submit, like or comment about events
  • Links to event website or Facebook, photos, phone number, and directions
  • Subscribe to notifications based on your location
  • Privacy settings available to control notifications
  • Receive specials or discounts from retailers wherever you go
  • Exclusive to Windows Phone

Download whatsNOW application and try it for yourself. Don’t forget to leave your feedback!

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