WhatsApp’s new beta hints at second dark theme


11, 2019

WhatsApp is continuing work on this new dark theme. Unlike with Instagram and Facebook Messenger, it seems this app will have a selection of themes. Light, Dark Grey and Night Blue. WABetainfo has uncovered further evidence in favour of this with the addition of a new Night Blue wallpaper in the new WhatsApp beta release.

Following logically from the addition of this new asset into the beta files, it is also likely that WhatsApp is nearing a final release for dark mode – hopefully in time for Christmas. It is a feature that users have been loudly demanding on social media ever since iOS 13 and Android 10 dropped after all.

While a dark theme may not necessarily be the best for your eyes, and some even disagree heartily with the concept, there’s no denying that it does look cool. In the end, options are almost always better, and WhatsApp is opting for more, rather than less.

Source: WABetaInfo

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