WhatsApp is developing a new feature called flash calls with the purpose of making it quicker for users to log in to the instant chat messenger. The upcoming feature will automatically verify a user by calling the phone number and then ending the call, according to a report published by WhatsApp tracker WABetainfo. The feature is currently in the developmental phase and will be available for the general public in the coming days.

However, it’s worth noting that the flash calls feature won’t be the only option to log in to WhatsApp. Users will also be able to log in to the chat messenger via the old method that gives users an OTP via SMS, which WhatsApp detects automatically for the verification.

The flash calls feature is optional, and once you switch to it, you won’t have to manually enter the six digits verification code. However, for the flash calls feature to work, users will need to permit WhatsApp to make and manage phone calls and read their call logs.

WABetainfo spotted the feature in the WhatsApp beta for the Android update, and the feature will be limited to Android users. The reason why it won’t be making its way to iOS is that Apple doesn’t allow third-party public API to read the call history.

Besides flash calls, WhatsApp is also working on multi-device support. This feature will let you allow users to link multiple devices (up to 4) and use them at the same time. In other words, you’ll no longer need to open the WhatsApp mobile app in order to use it on other devices, neither does it require you to connect your main device to the internet.

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