WhatsApp Translation request suggests many Storage management features on the way



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It seems WhatsApp is planning to make it a lot easier to prevent their app from filling up your storage space.

A translation request for the app, noted by Aggiornamenti Lumia.it  noted numerous items related to storage management, including promoting you to delete apps if your free storage drops below 100 MB.

Read the strings below:

  1. Are you sure you want to report spam and leave this group? “Are you sure to report the conversation as spam and leave the group”
  2. Storage Almost Full . “Memory almost full”
  3. Storage Full . “Memory Full”
  4. Your phone is running low on storage. WhatsApp I can continue to work properly, free up 100 MB of space by: Deleting apps you no longer use, large Deleting videos from your room roll, Managing your storage settings> storage sense . The memory of your device is low. For Whatsapp can continue to work properly, free up to 100MB of space: removing applications you no longer use, deleting videos from your camera roll, managing the application from the media.
  5. Your phone is running low on storage. Continue with download? The memory of your device is almost over. Continue with the download?
  6. Media self-stopped download Because your phone is low on space. The auto-download is disabled because your device does not have enough memory.

To me the list suggests WhatsApp may be preparing to offer a service which will be more storage intensive, such as selling media.

Featured revealed in translation strings may take many months to get to the main release of the app, but we hope we will see this before the end of the year.

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