WhatsApp to add self-destructing images to its mobile apps


3, 2021

Last year, WhatsApp added the self-destructing message feature to its mobile apps, but now, the Facebook-owned company is also working towards adding self-destructing image feature to the instant chat messenger, according to WhatsApp features tracker WABetainfo.

Much like the self-destructing message features, the images that are self-destructing images will disappear for both parties after a pre-defined time. Also, these messages cannot be exported from WhatsApp. And as you can see in the below images, once the feature becomes available, you’ll see a toggle right next to the text box, and tapping on the toggle will display you a notification that reads, “This media will disappear, once you leave this chat.

While privacy enthusiasts will appreciate the feature, a perfect implementation will require the Facebook-owned company to make some additional changes to the feature. For instance, it must give users the option to prevent recipients from taking screenshots of self-destructing images. And as XDA-Developers has pointed out, “…half-baked implementation will render the feature completely useless.”

The self-destructing image feature is currently in the developmental phase, meaning we’ll have to wait for a while before it becomes available for the general public. It’s also likely that the feature will first be available for WhatsApp Android and iOS apps, and then the company may also bring it to its desktop clients.

Do you use WhatsApp. If yes., let us know whether or not you want to send self-destructing images? Sound off in the comments below.

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