WhatsApp announces carts for businesses to make shopping easier



In an effort to make shopping easier, WhatsApp has announced carts for businesses ahead of the holiday season. The new feature will let customers browse a catalog, select multiple items, and send the order as one message to the business, thus making buying and selling easier.

WhatsApp tested the feature with a few companies before rolling the feature to the public, and the company claimed to have received positive feedback from businesses. Carts in WhatsApp eliminates to need for a buyer to communicate back and forth with the seller as the former can now select multiple items and send the order as one message.

To use the new carts feature, all you need to do is find the items you want and tap “add to cart”. Once your cart is complete, send it as a message to the business. You can learn more about how to place an order here.

The new carts feature in WhatsApp will be useful to businesses, particularly in India. Apart from carts, the Facebook-owned company also rolled out payments in its app in the country. The ability to add items to the cart and the payments feature should make buying and selling seamless.

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