WhatsApp promising “a lot of improvements” in the next release of their Windows Phone app


WhatsApp is a pretty important app on Windows Phone, but also one which does not work terribly well and which could be a lot better.

As one reviewer on the Windows Phone Store notes:

The blackberry version is better than this windows phone version there’s no simple way to add someone on it and you cant look at there display pics defo needs to me made simpler and straightforward needs alot of work

The app only has a 3 1/2 out of 5 star score there.

It seems in some ways the WhatsApp team acknowledge this,  as they responded to a complaint to “fix your app for Windows Phone” by saying:

You will see a lot of improvements in the next batch of releases.

Hopefully they will address one of the principle issues outstanding – the use of the Background Audio API for receiving messages, which tends to cause all kinds of issues  and unpredictable behaviours.

Is there any specific improvements you would like to see in the WhatsApp app? Let us know below.

Thanks HideAndSeek for the tip.