WhatsApp is working on two important new features, and here is what they do


15, 2019

In an effort to provide users better control over blocked contacts, WhatsApp is currently working on two important new features — Blocked Contact Notice and Grouped Blocked Contact.

Once enabled, the Blocked Contact Notice feature will display a bubble, inside which a message saying, “You blocked this contact. Tap to unblock.” will be shown, in the chat window. Similarly, a bubble will also be displayed once you unblock contacts on WhatsApp. This will make it easier for you to unblock a contact on WhatsApp. Note, only you’ll be able to see this notice, meaning that contacts that you’ve blocked won’t see similar messages on their chat window.

Another new feature that WhatsApp is currently working on is called Grouped Blocked Contact. The feature does exactly what it sounds like — it automatically groups your blocked contacts list. WhatsApp recognizes which contacts are business contacts and which ones are not and based on that the blocked contacts will be categorized into two sections: one for business contacts and the other one is for all the contacts other than business contacts.

These two new features are currently under the developmental phase, meaning that you might have to wait a while to test these new features.

Source: WAB

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