WhatsApp is getting “even better” voice messages soon


31, 2022

WhatsApp has announced that the Meta owned instant messaging service is getting “even better” voice messages in the coming weeks. 

Since launching in 2013, WhatsApp’s voice messaging feature hasn’t always been everyone’s go-to form of communication as beyond personal preference the usability of the feature has always been a little bit lacklustre, but thankfully that may be about to change. 

In a new blog post, WhatsApp detailed the key improvements that they’ll be making to the app’s voice messaging service in the coming weeks. These changes include a draft preview so you can listen to your recordings before you send them, as well as the ability to finally pause and resume recordings while you’re making them. 

Alongside this pair of very handy features that we don’t know how we’ve done without for so long, WhatApp is also adding an “out of chat playback” feature to allow you to listen to a voice message outside of the chat it came from.

As if that wasn’t enough already, WhatsApp is even adding waveform visualisations to represent how the message sounds, and playback options to let you speed up both regular and forwarded messages. 

Beyond the vague estimation at a rollout “in the coming weeks,” it’s currently unclear just how long we’ll be waiting for this much-requested feature set. With how useful many of the features are, we certainly can’t wait to get our hands on them. 

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