WhatsApp is giving both Windows Phone 8 users the boot in December

if you’re one of the two users still using Windows Phone 8 and below (not 8.1), and using WhatsApp at that, it may be time to evacuate from the aging smartphone platform or get adapted to a fairly spartan existence.

WhatsApp will be shutting down support for Windows Phone 8 users from December 31 2017, noting that the platform is no longer being actively developed for and that any features which exist at the moment may stop working at any time between now and then.

Of course, if you’re reading this, you’re most likely not on Windows Phone 8 – if you’re even on Windows Phone at all at this point in 2017. While we don’t have any reliable numbers yet, the last snapshot from AdDuplex tells us that about 4.5% of people who are still using Windows phones are on 8.0, with the majority being on the more supported Windows Phone 8.1 or  Windows 10 Mobile.

Nevertheless, if you know someone who’s on Windows Phone 8.0 still, now might be the time to get them to upgrade to greener platforms.