WhatsApp for Windows Phone getting new privacy features



Author Surur // in Apps, News

whatsapp privacy

Windowsteca.net reports that WhatsApp for Windows Phone are getting new privacy features which are already in testing on Android.

Deduced from WhatsApp translation strings which are in testing, the text reveals that WhatsApp is planning to allow users to control who can see when they were last online on the network (helpful to avoid ex-partners) and also control who can see your profile information e.g. your profile picture.  At present simply entering a phone number in your phone address book can give you access to the avatar and other information from other WhatsApp users, with obvious privacy implications.

The move may be to reassure users in the wake proposal by Facebook to purchase the network for $19 billion, and is a wise move for a company which is striving to reach a billion users over the next few years, of whom at least a small percentage will have nefarious intentions.

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