WhatsApp has been struggling with fake news on its platform and the company has taken steps to curb the spread of fake news. Unfortunately, all the current measures have felt short as people are still using the platform to spread misinformation and fake news.

Now, the company has implemented another feature which aims at solving the problem. WhatsApp has updated its beta app to include a new search feature that will allow users to fact check forwarded messages. The search tool will show up beside any message which has been forwarded and will allow users to quickly search online if the news is true. Once the user taps the search icon, WhatsApp will copy and search the message on Google which will confirm if the news is true or not.

The feature is currently in testing and it could be useful in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic which has seen a spike in fake news claiming everything from the cure of coronavirus to ways to prevent it, all of which are fake and are being circulated online.