WhatsApp Beta Updated With Improved App Startup Time For Low End Devices




WhatsApp beta just app got updated to v2.12.144 in Windows Phone Store today. This update includes a bug fix related to Windows 10 Mobile support, and improves the app starting speed for low end devices. Recently the beta app got a major update, find the old change log below.

  • Solved the problem of displaying wrong emoticons (now will be shown in preview properly)
  • Greatly improved the experience when using Windows Mobile 10
  • New “Select messages” in the app bar conversations
  • New Sound for incoming messages when using the application (from different conversations)
  • The ability to activate or deactivate the Sound
  • Added new option to quickly change their status

As you all know, this update is for closed beta users. Hopefully, we will get these new features soon in the public app.

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