WhatsAlarm the full featured alarm for Windows phone


Today we’re glad to introduce you WhatsAlarm.

WhatsAlarm is like the swiss knife of alarms. Written by the developers of ARCOSoftware, this app gently wakes users based on natural sleep rhythms, reducing stress and drowsiness by optimizing alarms based on weather, gauging sleep phases, and using captcha to further ensure the user doesn’t fall asleep again.

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The main feature is the “sleep monitor“. It’s known that our sleep is divided into deep sleep and light sleep phases. During the deep sleep phase (known as R.E.M.) body muscles are “paralyzed” by our brain, while during the light sleep phase our body is free to move. It’s proven that waking during the light sleep phase is more comfortable and natural, while waking up during R.E.M. is much more difficult.

Whatalarm use Windows Phone sensors to gauge when the user is sleeping lightly or heavily and wakes him or her only during the light phase. This allows the user to awaken more naturally, thus feeling alert and refreshed.

In addition, Whatalarm’s one-of-a-kind alarm alerts users of the “weather forecast” by using “natural sounds” based on the weather conditions of the moment. In this way the user, having been gently alerted of the weather conditions, can plan appropriately for the day.

WhatsAlarm also includes free features, such as the possibility to “register sounds” that it records during the night or the possibility to enable a “captcha” system to ensure the user is fully awake when he or she turns off the alarm.

You can find WhatsAlarm in the Windows Phone Store.