What’s New In Windows 10 Build 10056 For PCs

Windows 10 Build 10056 Screenshots 2

Few minutes back, we reported that Windows 10 Build 10056 got leaked on the internet. You can read about the leak and how to download here. Here are the changes spotted in the new build.

– When using Start Menu in full screen taskbar sometimes hides itself. It restores back in half a second.
– New Weather and News app
– new animations – Start Menu has that Continuum concept animation when in full screen
– Tablet Mode widens the gap between system tray icons and minimizes Search into an icon
– New dark Theme for Start Menu and Action Center
– Cortana is now in full taskbar height – also, new Mic icon when Cortana is listening
– Cortana can recognize music now (option is in Cortana menu)
– Date/Time UI refreshed (could be activated via registry hack in b9926)
– Network flyout has new animation
– Power buttons is moved to bottom left corner
– Start Menu can be resized – still a bit wonky when resizing height
– new “Show Touch Keyboard button” when right clicking on taskbar
– new Keyboard icon in system tray – it is right by the clock
– keyboard visual design seems refreshed
– win32 titlebars are grey
– 1px border on top of the win32 apps is now present but it’s black
– new Recycle bin icon (only new icon atm)
– new TaskView icon
– new virtual desktop icon animation
– Bio Enrolment and Microsoft Family (Parental Controls) still don’t work

Thanks to Cadenzza for the list!