What’s New in Microsoft 365?

Now that organizations and businesses are transitioning to hybrid work from remote work, Microsoft is also implementing some product innovations that can help make this shift easier for everyone involved. We’ll see Microsoft’s second annual Work Trend Index next month, where the tech giant will release various product and research news. But for now, here are some newly-released features in Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and Viva.


  • Users can now pin or hide their videos while in the middle of a Microsoft Teams meeting. When hiding their video, other participants in the meeting can still see them.
  • Learning management systems (LMS) such as SAP SuccessFactors, Cornerstone OnDemand, and Saba Cloud can now connect and sync with Microsoft Viva Learning. With this integration, employees can now easily view required learning assignments and access the courses directly. Not only that, but they can also receive notifications on Microsoft Teams whenever a new assignment is assigned and if the due date is fast approaching.
  • Users can now receive Yammer suggestions for potential communities and followers based on their past interactions. With this, users can conveniently and quickly join and follow directly from their feed.
  • Yammer communities now have an aut0-renew feature, which means admins no longer have to review communities manually.
  • Yammer members who live in the European Union will soon be able to join Yammer through external networks in the US. Microsoft 365 will begin rolling out this new feature in mid-February 2022 through March 2022.

Source: Microsoft

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