What Would Be Your Perfect Windows Phone 7 phone?

Yesterday, after all the noise about the so called “HD3” went down, I got to thinking… What would the most perfect Windows Phone be for me? Now I want you to answer that question in the comments. Write that who you want to make it (hopefully not Apple… unless it will not make calls), the form factor, speed, screen size, and the whole teen yard.

To answer my own question, here is what I think the perfect device would be:

Made: HTC
Form Factor: Thin Touch screen with Keyboard
Speed: 1Ghz (A phone does not really need more than that.. Unless the OS is really heavy)
Screen Size: 3.8-4.2 inch AMOLED (More than that is too much)
Color: Piano Black (PS3 Color)
Band: T-mobile 3G
Camera: 8MP 720P with Dual Flash
HDMI Out: Yes
4G: If possible

That is all I can think of at the moment. If HTC can put that in a good looking Touch Pro2 that is also thin and fast, and to be able to stand in the world of Droid, it most look good enough.

Comment below and give us your devices specs.

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