What would a Blackberry running Windows Phone 8 look like?


Blackberry-Windows-Phone-4 Blackberry-Windows-Phone-5 Blackberry-Windows-Phone-6 Blackberry-Windows-Phone-3 Blackberry-Windows-Phone-2

Blackberry is in a death spiral, and in such circumstances they are bound to grab at any lifesaver being offered.

One of those is rumoured to be a possible Microsoft offer, which will presumably result in a Blackberry running Windows Phone 8.

In the above series of pictures we have Michal Bonikowsi  concept of what such a device would look like, taking design cues from Blackberry’s current range, and I must say it looks pretty good.

Would our readers buy such a handset? Let us know below.

Via Ultralinc.com

Thanks Jitendra for the tip.