What to expect for the next chapter of Windows?


As we move into the final few hours before Microsoft unveils its plan for the next chapter of Windows, we have to look now at what we can expect for this event.

The last few months after the launch of Windows Technical Preview, we have seen Microsoft’s plan being slowly added in Preview builds via leaks like the famous 9888 and 9901.

Since we do not talk of Microsoft and Windows related news at WMPowerUser (visit here for the Microsoft and Windows related news), we will only cover what is related to Windows Phone.

Here’s what we can expect…

A look at Windows 10 for Phones (Windows Mobile 10, Windows Phone 10… OR whatever it is called)

Joe Belfiore earlier confirmed that we will be getting more information at the future of Windows Phone during this event. Rumors and leaks have proven that the next version of Windows 10 made for Windows Phones will be much powerful and feature packed than the current version.


The leaks that we have seen have a similarity between them, and that is the start screen OR it is just a bunch of idiots copying the same thing from one another. We expect background wallpapers for the start screen, translucent tiles (some leaks and rumors suggest that they opacity can be manipulated) and groups.

New and updated Office apps for Windows Phone

Office has always been an “advertising” feature of Windows Phone from its first device. Recently, this app is falling back from its counterparts on competing platforms like Android and iOS. In addition to information on Windows Phone, Joe B also confirms that we will learn more about Office for Windows Phone too.

We also can expect the touch version to be available as an Universal application in Windows Store (we will get to this in the next topic) which also has its benefits. Most people think that this will be another Music & Video debate repeating itself. But the benefits are that Microsoft can update this app via the store without requiring to go through “almighty” carriers which delay the system updates.

Merge of  Windows and Windows Phone Store

This topic has been floating around for quite some while as Microsoft has plans to create a ‘One Store’ experience to all its platforms. We can also expect some information on this during the event.

Lumia Camera app for all Windows Phones

Recently we saw the demo of Camera BETA which is supposed to be the default camera application for Windows 10 and it shares its features and design to Lumia Camera. We can expect to learn more on this too.

For the developers..

Microsoft is expected to announce and give insight on the Windows Phone 10 SKU supposedly coming in February as well as a discussion about the new OneCore and how it will help developers make one app for all devices.


These are only some most interesting things expected for the Windows Phone side of today’s event. Some of them like Spartan browser for Windows Phone, etc. have note been spoken as they are not confirmed and not expected much. These features could be a part of the Windows Phone 10 OS so they will be shown if they give us a look at the OS.

I have some suggestions that could be true, kind of like making predictions. It is that Microsoft should add OTA updates via Microsoft themselves rather than from carriers.


Anyways, what are your expectations for today’s event and try to make your prediction below (do not mention obvious things) and let us see what Joe Belfiore, Terry Myerson, Satya Nadella and the rest of the team have in store for us today.

Catch the live stream here and stay updated with WMPowerUser and bookmark us as we will be covering the event live.

Author’s note: I will be switching between Microsoft-News and WMPowerUser often covering some of the new things, so make sure to stay updated with both websites.

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