Here is what to expect at Apple’s WWDC22 event


11, 2022

iOS has remained pretty much the same since the release of iOS 7, launched in 2013. But even more disappointing is the fact that Apple won’t try to do anything radical in the design part with the upcoming iOS 16, according to new reports.

In his Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman has said that Apple’s upcoming iOS 16 might come with an update to notifications and some health-tracking features. Of course, the iOS 16 will be much more than the updated notifications and health tracking features, but there is unlikely to be any major design overhaul. It is undoubtedly disappointing for those who are waiting for Apple to introduce some design changes to the iOS UI. As per Gurman, no major UI refreshment will make its way to the iOS 16.

Gurman has also given us an insight into what users might get in the watchOS 9. Gurman has said that the new version of watchOS will include upgrades to its activity and health tracking features. However, there is no clarity over what could be coming next for the new version of macOS.

However, if previous rumors are to be believed, the new version of the macOS will be called macOS 13 Mammoth. But we haven’t heard rumors related to what could the new features Apple is working on for macOS 13.

Meanwhile, Apple will hold its WWDC 2022 event on June 6. The Cupertino tech giant might launch the preview of watchOS 9, iOS 16, and macOS 13 on that day. Needless to say, Apple will talk extensively about the new versions of its different operating systems. However, we won’t mind if we get some of that information ahead of the June 6 event.

The WWDC 2022 event might also see Apple launching two new Mac models, one of which is likely to be a new MacBook Air. It is worth mentioning that this year’s WWDC event will be a virtual event.

Are you waiting for the WWDC 2022 event? Which new Apple operating system you are most excited about? You can share your thoughts in the comments below.

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