What the leaked image of the Lumia 1520 also tells us


Today evLeaks leaked another picture of the much awaited Lumia 1520 which is said to be a 6” phablet and the first such device running Windows Phone 8. The picture does not only show a good looking big red mix of Lumia 920 and 925 but also some changes on the software.

Let’s start with the most obvious thing: Now there are three live tiles in a column. It’s not sure whether this is limited to Full HD displays, to displays with a bigger size or if it is coming to all devices, but I assume I is limited to all devices with at least 1280×720 pixels.

Beside this there are also some smaller details; let’s start on the top. Next to the small Bluetooth icon in the status bar there now also is an icon with a bell. It could be an icon for the alarm or – more likely – one for the volume which could mean there will finally be options to separate the volume for media and the system itself (maybe the OS will support profiles like Symbian once did?).

Directly below that in the first tile row there is an app called “storyteller”. Earlier leaks have said it is an app for sorting pictures by criteria like events, places or dates. It was said this app will also be available on Nokias own tablet running Windows RT.

Then there is a strange blue icon on the right edge in the second row. It’s not sure what app it is but it looks like it is kind of a tool which allows you to display PowerPoint presentations on TVs or computers. In the same row there is also a Nokia Camera tile. Nokia Camera is said to be both Nokia Smartcam and Nokia Procam in one app so switching between both is no longer needed.

Another thing I noticed are the two icons for Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Excel. Possibly both are only pinned documents but since these icons look different on actual Windows Phones it may also be that it will be possible to pin Office apps like Word, PowerPoint and Excel separately to the startscreen.

One last thing, which probably is only a little mistake, are the two live tiles for Internet Explorer and E-Mail: Both are not named and only show the icon. Maybe it will be possible to hide the name of live tiles.

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