What Project Natal means for Windows Mobile


1, 2009

Author Surur // in News

I spent about 2 hours today watching Microsoft’s E3 presentation, looking out for more information about the integration of the ZuneHD with the Xbox 360.

Unfortunately no mention at all was made the hardware device, and only passing mention of the Zune service was made. However what initially appeared to be a complete waste of time turned out into one of the coolest tech demos I have ever seen.

Microsoft revealed Project Natal, which appears to be a game changer, not just for video games, but for all user interfaces in general.  Powered by stereoscopic speakers, microphones and a good pile of software, the device is able recognize fine motions and do full motion capture, recognize faces and even voices, and with the right software respond accordingly.

See the demo video below here:

So what does this mean for Windows Mobile? Not much directly, but it, like Windows 7 and the ZuneHD, shows that Microsoft can still make excellent and exciting products, something which allays their stodgy image. It also tells us that Microsoft can make excellent user interfaces, which promises a lot for Windows Mobile 7.

If ZuneHD and Project Natal is cool, imagine Windows Mobile 7…

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