What if #smokedbywindowsphone came to retail stores?

Most of you have probably seen the “smoked by Windows Phone” campaign by now, in which Windows Phone evangelist Ben “The PC Guy” Rudolph challenges people to perform various everyday tasks on their smartphones and compares the time it takes to to do the same thing on a Windows Phone. It’s really a clever marketing campaign, but, first and foremost, a great way to demonstrate the real advantages of Microsoft’s mobile OS.

While this has probably helped raise some much-needed awareness, it’s not enough, of course. Actually, nothing is enough until Windows Phone reaches the sales numbers it deserves, which is still a few months off at best. However, as Mary Jo Foley noted on Twitter, what if some sales persons were trained to do the same thing in actual retail stores, to demonstrate the speed advantages Windows Phone has, not in benchmarks but in real world tasks?

Sure, this would cost a lot and thus may not be viable, you’d say. But then, Nokia alone has a marketing budget of $200 million to spend in the US, and some of that money could be put to good use by demonstrating the real advantages of Windows Phones in retail stores. Sales incentives and advertisements are one thing, but something like this, which would give people an immediate reason to consider and even choose Windows Phone over rival platforms, should undoubtedly be the most effective and convincing, in the long term.

Of course, we are no retail experts, and if Microsoft saw potential in this idea, maybe they would be considering it already. However, it’s no secret that Microsoft isn’t the most effective company when it comes to advertising, so this might actually be a very worthwhile idea. What do our readers think?

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