What happens when you drop your phone with Crystalusion screen protection on…

by Lucas
December 7, 2014

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I already told you about Crystalusion Liquid Glass protection and how much I was impressed by this product. Now I can even go much further: This product is killer.

Yesterday in school my phone slipped out of my pocket: With the display down, directly on the sandy floor. The floor is not hard enough to crack your screen, at least it should not, but the sand on it can scratch your screen very badly. Not when you got Crystalusion on.

I picked it up and saw: Nothing. Later in the break I checked again, and found two scratches. The first in the lower right corner, only where the bezel is (so the screen itself did not suffer the fall), which is kind of deep, and one in the upper right corner of the screen. This one is much bigger, but not very deep. When the display is on it is barely visible and I would even say it is just the protection that is scratched, not the glass underneath. When I get a new pack of protection, the scratch will probably be gone after application.


I cannot even show you real images as the scratches are too small. The rest of the display is 100% fine and has nothing, not even very small scratches after it kissed the floor.

I am still not really certain that the protection will prevent the screen from cracking when it is dropped on tiles for example, but it does a helluva job at preventing scratches. Awesome.

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