What does Xbox Live Gold mean for Windows Phone Mango?



Author Surur // in News

DSCF7970Michael Gillett from My Microsoft Life notices that the phones being demoed at the Mango announcement had not one but two Xbox Live tiles –one the usual and the other branded Xbox Live Gold.

On the console Xbox Live Gold means the paid Xbox Live membership which allows users to play real time games with other members, vs Silver membership, which just allows access to some online content and which is free.

Given that currently Xbox Live does not allow real time multi-player and is free, we are all by default Silver users, and the Gold branding plus the rumour of real-time multi-player coming suggests a second tier of gaming may be in the offing.

This of course leads to the last question – whether we will be asked to pay a subscription free to access multi-player Xbox Live Gold games. Let us know if you would below.

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