What does HTC Sense on the HTC HD2 means

htchd2-portada HTC’s press release mentions bringing HTC Sense to Windows Mobile.  The user interface however looks much like TouchFlo3D has ever looked, which seems to make their statement nonsense.

Stuff must have asked the same question, and this is the explanation they received.

There are three strands to the HTC Sense UI ethos. Firstly, it’s all about ‘making it mine’. So the home page features a fully customisable 3×3 grid, giving you the freedom to decide what apps and widgets go onto each of the 13 home screens – yes, 13 home screens. You don’t need to have them all, so if 13 is a bit too much, take it down to whatever suits you.

Secondly, it’s all about ‘staying close’ and the HD2 reinforces the idea that communication is not just about applications, emails, messages et al – it’s about people. With that in mind, the HD2 has a ‘favourites’ option, allowing you to aggregate your contact’s details in one place, not to mention being a great tool for conference calls.

Lastly, it’s all about ‘expecting the unexpected’ and the HD2 has a few cool tricks up its sleeves. For example, when your phone rings it will detect when you pick up your handset and automatically lower the ringtone volume. Its backlight will automatically adjust to suit its surroundings as will go to sleep when you’re nattering away to prevent unknowingly hanging up while you’re on the phone to your mum and of course saving some juice in the process.

There you have it. Of course its the tricks up the sleeve we find fascinating.  They include features such as automatically showing the weather for your location, being able to mute the phone by turning it over, or the implementation of the new car kit.

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