What do you want?


These days cooked ROMz have become the thing to flash when you get your new Windows Mobile phones, well I want to know what do you want. I am asking all the readers and beyond, what the want in a cooked ROM, because if you have read my previous post, I am a flash-a-holic and so I flash about once a week minimum and four times a day max. This addiction has driven me to think, “What do people really want in their ROMz”.

I am asking you readers to comment, tweet and even email us and tell us what you like in your ROM, because Windows Mobile is starting to becoming a whole new system and your opinions are always good for us, and maybe Windows Mobile developers that might be reading. With that said, just comment and say “ I am Wen and I would like a stable good looking ROM that does not have to beat the speed of light but does everything and has skyfire and some other applications that I like a lot, and I would like the theme to be white not dark and I use a Touchpro2”.

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