What Device Are You Getting Tomorrow?




What device will you be getting tomorrow? In Europe and much of the world, Windows Phone 7 has been out and everyone has had their go at it. Tomorrow the United States and Canada gets a try at the next big thing, and I am personally myself a new HD7. I tell you this because I would like to know what device you are getting come launch day tomorrow.

The T-mobile HD7 seems to be the most anticipated by American’s, and with deals coming from not just T-mobile but Amazon, getting this device should not be too hard. I am getting my device from T-mobile without a contract for $499.99 which means $539.97 with tax included (I should know, I just bought a G2 two weeks ago). Amazon will be pricing this new device at $169.99 with a new contract for T-mobile.

Regardless, please comment below and tell us your device choice and maybe we have something in common.

Image/Amazon info via: W7P

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