What Actually Happened With WhatsApp On Windows Phone?




WhatsApp on Windows Phone Store was pulled two weeks back leaving about million new Windows Phone users without access to one of the most popular communication service in the world. After 12 weeks of delay, WhatsApp published their app in Windows Phone Store again along with new updates as well. Microsoft informed us then that there was some issue in Windows Phone 8 Update 3 users

What happened with WhatsApp on Windows Phone?

So what happened is that they discovered on our latest update there is a relatively obscure end user setting where users could restrict background data use in conjunction with Data Sense. What happens is if you enable that, you won’t receive WhatsApp messages and you don’t get notified. So they came to us and said that they want their users to have the awareness of that. So we have been working with them on a fix, and I believe they are already testing the fix on beta and I believe they will be deploying it back into the world soon.

WhatsApp is now available in Windows Phone Store.

Source: BGR India

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