WhartonBrooks’s offers a peek of their Windows 10 Mobile handset for the first time

We recently reported that US based company WhartonBrooks was still full steam ahead with their Windows 10 Mobile handset designed by fans for fans.

Now the company have given us their first official sneak peek at the devices by posting a picture of bubble-wrapped final samples on twitter.

From looking at the bits which can be discerned (edge, cut-outs, button placement), the handsets still appear to be a white-box versions of the Coship Moly PCPhone W6, which is a respectable mid-range device with USB-C and Continuum for Phones support.

That device also had such niceties as 3GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage and a 13-megapixel camera, and if distributed to the US market would I believe be well received by the small Windows Phone user base there.

While we wait for WhartonBrooks’s official unveil you can read the full specs of the CoShip Moly PCPhone W6 here.

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