We’ve made some small changes to WMPU based on your feedback


13, 2014


Just a few  weeks ago, we asked for your feedback on tons of things and the response was mind-blowing. Just for the records, we’ve received more than 400 suggestions. We’ve read all of the feedback and decided to make some much-needed changes to the site before the holidays. So what are the new changes?

First off, is the new and cleaner navigation for Mobile First Network sites. Though we’ve not received much feedback on the navigation, one of our readers has stated that the navigation is distracting and low-resolution – which was kinda true. After that, we’ve planned to make the navigation much cleaner, higher resolution, improve its responsiveness. Here is a comparison of the old and new navigation:

The old navigation
The new navigation

Next up is the Comment section on smartphones. A lot of our readers (including me) recently reported that they were unable to find the comment section on mobile most of the time. However, we’ve now removed the Related Posts section and About Author section from our site (smartphone-only) to bring the comment section much closer to the actual article. And to make things a bit easier, we’ve added a label to the comments section as well.

We’ve also made some other small changes to the site. You can now save any post to read later with Pocket – thanks to an open-source plugin called Sharify. Including that, we’ve added a “Go to top” button for our desktop readers. That’s not all. We’ve also launched a Windows Phone-only RSS Feed and Twitter account. You’ll be able to get the latest Windows Phone news, rumors, etc. by following our new Windows Phone-only Twitter account and subscribing to our Windows Phone-only RSS Feed.


Last but not least is the new Rumour Meter. As some of you may know, we love to share rumors with our Windows Phone community. To make things a bit clear for our readers, we’ve added a Rumour Meter for to WMPU which will let the users rate a rumor as well. Here is an example of the Rumour Meter:


As always, we’ll keep improving WMPoweruser. If you’ve any suggestions/feature-request, make sure to let us know in the comment section below.

We’re some awesome things to share with you guys next year as well, here is a sweet teaser!

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