“We’re working very closely together for Mango.”-Qualcomm On Microsoft

At the press briefing before its Uplinq conference, Qualcomm’s Senior Director for Software Strategy and Business Development  gave an overview of Qualcomm’s business. She cited the advantages of using Qualcomm chips and mentioned that Qualcomm develops all parts of their chipsets, from CPU/GPU, GPS, memory, RF etc, from scratch themselves as opposed to other chipset makers. Also she said Qualcomm being the only chipset maker working with all mobile OS’s. She added that all current generation Windows Phones are powered by Qualcomm and they are working with Microsoft closely to be the launch partner for Windows Phone ‘Mango’ too.

“Microsoft now understands the optimisation of the hardware – CPU, GPU acceleration, memory bandwidth – makes a very big difference in terms of how fast your software, OS, browser will work,”

“We’re working very closely together for Mango.”

via: pockergamer