Wen’s Goodbye To The Kin One And Two…

The KIN is deadI know I am not the first to say goodbye to these devices, but since I have had them for their whole short life span, I really feel I must eulogize them. The first day I received them I was overwhelmed with excitement. I mean the device was something that made rumor headlines for a long time, and I could finally play with them at home. I first saw Ms Kin One in her white cylinder. She looked very different in the way her body was made, a little something I have never seen before. She has a very small figure with a very nice little sliding action.

Okay enough weirdness. The phone was truly something I was excited for, and when I first took it out, the excitement left my face. The build quality seemed like something I would get from a Chinese knock off, except they look better. Turning the device on was a huge mystery, I could not find the power button. When I finally turned it on and set it up, I was already bored.

Playing with the device was the hardest thing I have ever had to do with a phone. The devices were so boring, and plain… I could not bring myself to think Microsoft actually put any effort into it. Without games, apps, or a good camera the phone was totally like a dumb phone, and I call it a dumb phone because that OS has absolutely no smart phone features.

Since this is a memorial I have to say something nice about it… I cannot think of anything. The nicest thing about the whole thing is… I did not have to pay for it. The person that allowed me to review the device gave them to me without a second thought, asking me to do the best review I can. She knew the device has not received much public attention, so I was to review it, and add the things like “The Studio”, and all.  Now it has been about 40 days since I received the devices, and she is yet to ask for them back. She does not really want them back, and so she says she will get them when she gets the time.

Needless to say, this device was a major disappointment for me. I can say with a straight face and if you follow me @WMPerson, you will know I have always said “This device is the worse I have ever used. I even think the Palm Pre and Pixi are way ahead, and my old Nokia N95 8GB is like the future compared to this phone.” Since you all know how I feel about the device I want to end by saying… This phone had all the potential Microsoft could have given to it. It could have been a great device, but with bad build quality, a terrible OS, and many more… Its life expectancy was not very long in a market of Droids and iPhones.

I am hoping Microsoft (A software company) does not waste their money on buying company’s like Sharp (A hardware company), and trying to follow the trend of Apple (A software, and hardware company), because as we see with these results equals crap products. Microsoft should focus on making great software so companies like HTC, LG, Samsung, Asus, and others can continue to use that on their great hardware, and we can all enjoy Windows Phone 7.

To end it all, I would like to say:

Rest in pieces my crap friend… I wish I never had the displeasure to know thee.