Wendy’s roasts the Windows Insider Team


11, 2021

Today is National Roast Day and US burger chain Wendy’s have taken on themselves to spread the ‘love’ around on Twitter for anyone who asks.

Brandon Le Blanc from the Windows Insider Team was feeling brave today and volunteered for the trail of fire, and instead of going for the easy targets such as his Star Trek uniform, Wendy’s social media intern went straight for the jugular.

In this case, it is of course funny because it is true. While the Windows Insider Program is quite high profile, and has spread to many other parts of Microsoft (e.g. the Office Insider Program)  most users are only there to get early access to new features rather than provide feedback, and the program, which replaced a large suite of professional testers, invariably gets a lot of flack for not catching bugs before they are released to production.

Do our readers think Wendy’s is right or wrong? Let us know below.

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