Weightloss app Lose it! no longer coming to Windows Phone due to Project Astoria uncertainties




In November last year Microsoft proudly announced that popular dieting app Lose It! was coming to Windows Phone with Microsoft Band integration.

Now it appears that app is on hold indefinitely, and the reason is the moribund nature of Microsoft’s Android to Windows Phone bridge Project Astoria.

According to Lose it!’s twitter support the company was relying on the technology, and will not be investing in Microsoft’s other bridge, from iOS to Windows 10.


Project Astoria has never been formally cancelled, but according to multiple rumours the project has been shelved for working too well, allowing users to side-load Android apps and even install Android on their Windows Phone.

While many Windows Phones have been relieved not to have Google’s OS on our phones, the cancellation of the project has closed down one route to narrowing the app gap, and it appears some of those chickens are now coming home to roost.

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