This week’s Deals with Gold feature The Division, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Saints Row and more

Every week Microsoft releases numerous deals and they include substantial discounts on popular games. While Larry Hryb usually shares them, this time they appeared early on Reddit. This week games like The Division and Mass Effect: Andromeda are on sale on Xbox One. The Xbox One deals are as follows:

Xbox One

Game Price Change
Rory McIlroy PGA Tour $9.90 67%
Instant Indie Hits $20.00 80%
Toro $2.99 40%
Action News Heroes $4.68 33%
Kyurinaga’s Revenge $9.99 50%
Ghostbusters $16.50 67%
Earthlock: Festival of Magic $9.90 67%
Saints Row Metro Double Pack $11.00 80%
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell $3.75 75%
Yasai Ninja $2.99 40%
Ginger: Beyond the Crystal $10.00 50%
MX Nitro $14.99 25%
Claire: Extended Cut $6.00 60%
Mass Effect: Andromeda $38.99 35%
Saints Row IV: Re-Elected $5.00 75%
Saints Row IV: Re-Elected & Gat out of Hell $7.50 75%
Tom Clancy’s The Division $20.00 60%
Tom Clancy’s The Division: Gold Edition $36.00 60%
Earthlock: Festival of Magic Hero Outfit Pack $1.50 50%

The Xbox 360 has some great deals as well like the Saints Row series. The Xbox 360 deals are as follows:

Xbox 360

Game Price Change Backward Compatible
Saints Row IV $8.74 75% Yes
Saints Row $2.49 75% No
Saints Row 2 $2.49 75% No
Saints Row: The Third $3.74 75% No
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell $3.75 75% No
Sanctum 2 $2.99 80% No
Dungeon Defenders $3.74 75% No

While this week’s Deals with Gold may not be as exciting as last week, they still include some great games. Be sure to pick up Mass Effect: Andromeda if you haven’t already because it’s absolutely phenomenal. The other titles are good but can’t be as easily recommended as Mass Effect: Andromeda.

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