This week’s Deals with Gold feature the Battlefield series and Far Cry Primal

Every week Microsoft discounts a variety of games on Xbox One and Xbox 360 for Xbox Live Gold members and other gamers. They include everything from major blockbusters to some smaller titles from lesser-known studios. Every week gamers anxiously await the deals to increase their collection. Well, this week’s Deals with Gold are out and they look great. Take a look at them below.

Xbox One

GamePriceSale Type
Anoxemia$ 2.64Gold
Battlefield 1 & Titanfall 2 Ultimate Bundle$ 59.99Spotlight
Battlefield 1 Battlepacks X 20$ 22.49Spotlight
Battlefield 1 Premium Pass$ 29.99Spotlight
Battlefield 1 Revolution$ 41.99Spotlight
Battlefield 1 Shortcut Kit: Assault Bundle$ 5.99Spotlight
Battlefield 1 Shortcut Kit: Infantry Bundle$ 17.99Spotlight
Battlefield 1 Shortcut Kit: Medic Bundle$ 5.99Spotlight
Battlefield 1 Shortcut Kit: Scout Bundle$ 5.99Spotlight
Battlefield 1 Shortcut Kit: Support Bundle$ 5.99Spotlight
Battlefield 1 Shortcut Kit: Ultimate Bundle$ 20.00Spotlight
Battlefield 1 Shortcut Kit: Vehicle Bundle$ 8.99Spotlight
Battlefield 4$ 6.60Spotlight
Battlefield 4 Premium$ 12.50Spotlight
Battlefield Bundle$ 9.90Spotlight
Battlefield Hardline Ultimate Edition$ 15.00Spotlight
Black & White Bushido$ 9.09Gold
Dex$ 10.00Gold
Digerati Puzzle/use Your Brain Bundle$ 5.61Spotlight
Far Cry 4$ 16.00Spotlight
Far Cry 4 + Far Cry Primal Bundle$ 28.00Spotlight
Far Cry 4 Gold Edition$ 24.00Spotlight
Far Cry 4 Season Pass$ 12.00Spotlight
Far Cry Primal$ 20.00Spotlight
Far Cry Primal – Apex Edition$ 22.00Spotlight
Far Cry Primal – Wenja Pack$ 2.80Spotlight
Forma.8$ 6.00Gold
Heart&slash$ 6.60Gold
Kholat$ 13.39Gold
Livelock$ 5.00Gold
Mighty No. 9$ 8.00Gold
Mighty No. 9 – Ray Expansion$ 2.50Spotlight
Mighty No. 9 – Retro Hero$ 1.50Spotlight
Neverwinter – 1000 Neverwinter Zen$ 8.49Gold
Neverwinter – 11000 Neverwinter Zen$ 74.99Gold
Neverwinter – 2000 Neverwinter Zen$ 15.99Gold
Neverwinter – 23000 Neverwinter Zen$ 149.99Gold
Neverwinter – 500 Neverwinter Zen$ 4.24Gold
Neverwinter – 5300 Neverwinter Zen$ 39.99Gold
Neverwinter: Adventurer Edition Pack$ 14.99Gold
Neverwinter: Epic Edition Pack$ 22.49Gold
Neverwinter: Starter Edition Pack$ 7.49Gold
Overwatch GOTY Edition$ 38.99Gold
Star Trek Online: 1000 Zen$ 8.49Gold
Star Trek Online: 11000 Zen$ 74.99Gold
Star Trek Online: 2000 Zen$ 15.99Gold
Star Trek Online: 23000 Zen$ 149.99Gold
Star Trek Online: 500 Zen$ 4.24Gold
Star Trek Online: 5300 Zen$ 39.99Gold
Styx: Master Of Shadows + Styx: Shards Of Darkness$ 24.00Gold
Styx: Shards Of Darkness$ 20.00Gold
Super Time Force$ 6.00Gold
The Surge$ 35.99Gold
Thea: The Awakening$ 14.39Gold

Xbox 360

GamePriceSale Type
Battlefield: Bad Co. – Backwards Compatible$ 7.49Spotlight
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Backwards Compatible$ 7.99Spotlight
Far Cry 2$ 6.59Spotlight
Far Cry 3 – Backwards Compatible$ 7.99Spotlight
Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon – Backwards Compatible$ 5.99Spotlight
Far Cry 3: Deluxe Bundle DLC – Backwards Compatible$ 4.99Spotlight
Far Cry 4$ 14.99Spotlight
Far Cry 4 Hurk Deluxe Pack$ 2.99Spotlight
Far Cry 4 Season Pass$ 9.89Spotlight
Far Cry Classic$ 4.99Spotlight
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas$ 7.49Gold
L.a. Noire$ 9.89Gold
Max Payne 3$ 9.99Gold
Midnight Club: La$ 7.49Gold
Mighty No. 9$ 7.99Gold
Raw – Realms Of Ancient War$ 2.49Gold

Which Xbox One and Xbox 360 games will you buy? Remember to check which Xbox 360 games are backward compatible because you’ll be able to play them on Xbox One. We definitely picked up a few of these titles at MSPoweruser so hopefully you’ll find some great deals on games you want too!

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