This week’s Deals with Gold feature Battlefield 4 and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Every week Microsoft discounts a lot of amazing games on Xbox One and Xbox 360. While this week might not be as spectacular as the last few put together, particularly the Ultimate Game Sale, it’s still pretty great. Titles like Battlefield 4 and Inside are on sale. Many of the games which are discounted today are classics so be sure to check them out. Games with a star next to them are only on sale for Xbox Live Gold members.

Xbox 360

Xbox One

If you’re going to pick up any of these games, we definitely recommend Battlefield: Hardline and Inside. These games are absolutely phenomenal. Battlefield: Hardline is very different than regular Battlefield games because it’s about the police. Be sure to check out the other games too because they’re all pretty great. What they lack in variety they make up in quality.

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