A week later I am still using Edge, and it’s because I like it


A week ago I started my journey of using Edge as my primary browser, and somewhat to my surprise it is still set as the default on my PC.

This does not mean I do not dip into Chrome, Firefox and Maxthon also installed on my PC and it also does not mean that I have not been building up a list of thinks Microsoft could improve but it does mean I have found a something attractive in the app which has kept me using it.

In my case it is the smoothness of the browser which I just have not found in Chrome or Firefox. This is easily demonstrated by scrolling your twitter time line, where Chrome exhibits multiple jumps and lurches, but Edge flows freely. A large number of gifs make Chrome stutter, while Edge will just keep on rolling. On Chrome I felt I was constantly battling memory leaks and slow downs, while on Edge this has not been an issue at all.

The deep connection with hardware acceleration in Edge does of course have its negatives – while Chrome may stutter it never caused my laptop to Bluescreen with a video driver issue. This happened once for me with a very heavy browser page. Edge has also not been perfectly stable, crashing on two or three occasions over the last week.

However the only reasons I have switched to Chrome or Maxthon this week has been to do things which Edge can not do, and on those occasions I wonder why Microsoft has not implemented the easy fixes which would remove this need.

The issue is the paucity of Right Click options.

right click

Everyone has their own needs for a browser which is why options are important. For some reason Edge is lagging desperately behind Chrome in providing simple options such as opening a picture in a new tab or copying the URL of an image. Edge also lacks the option to re-open the last closed tab for example, despite the Control-Shift-T shortcut still working.

(Edit: Apparently both features are there, but not where I expect them. This is of course its own issue)

Edge also lacks the ability to search your history  or to open all links in a folder etc.

In short I am perfectly happy with the rendering engine, but the browser lacks maturity, which is of course a side effect of Microsoft constantly rebooting their efforts. Unlike Windows Phone however Microsoft has a real chance to take back market share, but they need to accelerate their catch up efforts and work to real Right Click option parity, to stand a real chance of growing their user case, and gaining and retaining converts.

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