Week in Review: September 16th



Windows Phone | Week in Review | Sept 16th

Welcome to the Week in Review, where we recap the top stories of the week!

GDR3 might include “actionable notifications”

  • It’s just a rumor right now
  • Swiping down on a notification like a Facebook comment would let you quickly reply

WP 8.1 “Blue” might have “Me” center to left of homescreen

  • This rumor claims that a “Me” center will have access to your social network plus quick toggling of settings
  • The app list would also be organized by frequency of use

BlackBerry struggling, looking to be bought

  • The company has been looking for a buyer, but has not found one yet
  • They lost nearly one billion dollars, largely due to unsold BB Z10 stock

Cortana might come to US in early 2014

  • Rumored that the voice assistant will be coming with WP 8.1
  • It will come to other countries in late 2014

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