Week in Review: October 14th

Welcome to the Week in Review, where we highlight the top stories of the week.

GDR3 Preview Update released to developers

  • Developers, or those with an App Studio account, can get early access to the GDR3 update
  • Much faster than waiting for carriers to certify it
  • However, it voids warranty and could have issues

Microsoft releases Remote Desktop for everything but Windows Phone

  • Fans complained that Microsoft released their app on iOS and Android while ignoring Windows Phone
  • Microsoft finally said that a Windows Phone version will be coming (no estimated arrival)
  • Nevertheless, this means even Microsoft is adding to the lack of apps issue on Windows Phone

On-Screen buttons might replace hardware/touch buttons

  • According to The Verge, Microsoft will allow OEM’s to display the buttons as a row on the screen instead of build them as part of the hardware
  • This would be similar to Android’s Galaxy Nexus
  • Apparently it would help create cheaper phones

Custom app notification sounds come to GDR3

  • With GDR3, app developers will be able to use their own custom notification sounds for toast notifications
  • That means WhatsApp could have a unique message tone, so you know what app just notified you