Week in Review: November 18th

Welcome to the Week in Review, where we highlight the top stories of the past week!

$100 off AT&T Lumia 1520 and others!

  • Lumia 1520 was just released this week, and it’s already on sale thanks to the holidays. Can be had for $99 on contract.
  • Lumia 1020 is also on sale for $99, and the 925 is only $49.

Official Instagram beta app released

  • Fully functional other than video support
  • Sleek, elegant interface
  • Great performance other than posting pictures

Nokia now 90% of all Windows Phones

  • Nokia is clearly the main manufacturer of Windows Phones
  • HTC is second, and Samsung hardly exists

190,000 apps now in the Store

  • That’s about 5% of iOS apps
  • 10 million downloads occur per day

“Wearable” devices might come next year

  • Microsoft representative discussed future ideas about Smart Watches interacting with your environment.
  • She said we might “start to see lots of exciting things” next year!