Week in Review – May 20th

Welcome to the Week In Review, where we cover the top stories of the past week.

Windows Phone marketing strategy will rely on $150 handsets in US

  • The head of Windows Phone’s marketing team, Greg Sullivan, said that low-end handsets like the Lumia 521 will be the key to success
  • One third of phones sold in the US were off-contract pre-paid phones.
  • Capturing the low-end market (like Android is) can be the way to success

WiFi Calling comes to the T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521

  • Firmware update adds support for WiFi calling
  • Perfect for users who don’t have a signal at their house

Nokia EOS with 41 MP Camera Coming Soon

  • Second source confirmed EOS
  • Will have 41 MP sensor, capturing 34 MP pictures like the 808
  • “Nokia ProCamera” allowing you to adjust all camera settings
  • Record 1080P with 3 different frame rates

YouTube App Fiasco

  • Microsoft removed their quality but illegal YouTube app, reverting back to using m.youtube.com
  • Another new YouTube app is on its way but might be worse since it might have to still rely on the website
  • If you were lucky enough to download the full YouTube app, don’t uninstall it!

Sign up for Waze beta navigation app

  • Community driven map, users can submit cop locations, etc
  • WP8 only
  • Sign up at Waze here.