Week in Review: June 17th

Welcome to the Week in Review, where we recap the top stories of the past week!

Video of possible Windows Phone 8.1 leaked

  • Shown running on the Lumia 920
  • Drag-down-from-top to access notification center
  • Folders are supported on the Start screen

Lumia 925 camera delivers much better daylight pictures

  • Nokia fixed the lack of sharpness in daylight pictures with the Lumia 925. Photos are almost as sharp as the Samsung Galaxy S4.
  • Low light is still as awesome as before… even a little better!

Datasense is coming with the GDR2 update

  • It will be available for everyone, not just Verizon
  • Allows you to monitor your data use and view how much data apps use

Temple Run now supports 512 MB devices

  • You can now play Temple Run on lower-end WP8 devices!

Rumor: HTC is making a WP version of the HTC One

  • A tipster reported that they saw the device with a 4.5 inch screen, looking similar to the HTC One
  • The handset had a 1080p screen which is supported in the not-yet-released Windows Phone GDR3 software.
  • Expected to be announced in the fall, releasing later in the year.